Flower Girl's & Ring Bearer's...

Sophia Garzoli
Jeremy's 8 year old niece. Family Yahtzee champion (no contest). Loves soccer and softball and throws a mean spiral. She has more pets than most pet stores, including cats, dogs, fish and frogs. She loves to go out fishing with her dad, and she currently holds 1st and 3rd place spots in this year's tournaments. Hit multiple grand-slams in "glow stick baseball" at Dave and Mary's wedding.
Owen Frank
Caitlin's 4 year old nephew. Favorite saying: "Oh man." Obsessed with soccer, superheroes and Jeremy. Likes eating "things that are bad for you." Plans to "have a mustache, drink coffee and chew gum" when he grows up. Likes to pick up fish with his bare hands. Enjoys 50 Cent (true), Michael Jackson and The Black Eyed Peas.
Orion Carey
Caitlin's 2 1/2 year old nephew. Favorite saying: "What happened?" Loves swishers (on cars and as a dance move, you'll see), Jennifer Lopez and being naked. Prefers to run instead of walk. Knows what make of car every member of his family drives. Has a dog named Logan.
Amelia Frank
Caitlin's 1 1/2 year old niece. Favorite word: "Owie". Obsessed with babies and shoes. Likes sitting on strangers laps. Also loves Michael Jackson, The Black Eyed Peas and "We Will Rock You" by Queen.


Maid (ahem, Matron) of honor - Meghan Frank
Meghan is Caitlin's older sister. Although they didn't look alike when they were younger, Caitlin and Meghan started being mistaken for one another (or thought to be twins when together) in Caitlin's early 20's. During one awkward experience, Caitlin was hugged...by a complete stranger...from the back...while walking down the street in New York. This stranger could not understand why "Meghan" was so taken aback by the hug until Caitlin explained who she was. Caitlin has lived with Meghan and her husband Paul twice since 2003. Once for a year and a half on the Upper East Side, and then again for two and a half years in Brooklyn. During the first run, Meghan and Paul got engaged and then married. Caitlin lived with them throughout their engagement and served as Maid (ha!) of Honor in their wedding. Later in Brooklyn, Caitlin joined Meghan, Paul and their then 6 month old son Owen. Amelia was born two and a half years later. Caitlin, or "Kaykay Mommy", continued to live with the family. She paid her dues with 5am feedings while Paul was working in LA during the summer of 2011. It was a summer of many road trips with an infant, a toddler, lots of hip-hop on Sirius Radio and lots of laughs (we missed you though, Paul!). Meghan is an amazing sister, friend and ring co-conspirator.
Sheri Abadi
Sheri is the girlfriend of Andrew, Caitlin's little brother. After a chance meeting during her Boston vacation, Sheri moved from sunny Orange County, CA to Boston (in October...without ever having seen it snow!) to live with Andrew. Since then, Andrew, Sheri, Caitlin and Jeremy have had a number of raucous dance parties (ok, the boys did not participate) and there are surely many more to come. Sheri and Andrew live in Charlestown, MA.
Amy Albro
Amy, Caitlin and Kristin Hansell (also a bridesmaid) played soccer together at Brown. They were suite-mates and house-mates throughout college and have remained great friends over the years. During an entirely wholesome trip to Cancun their Freshman year in college, Amy put Caitlin and others to shame by winning the "dare" contest. Hands down. Caitlin eventually recovered from this humiliation and went on to serve as a bridesmaid in Amy's wedding to her husband, Casey Gould, in August '08. Amy and Casey and their 1 year old daughter, Caroline, live in New York.
Jocelyn Carey
Jocelyn is Caitlin's sister-in-law. After many (6?) years of dating, Jocelyn became an official part of the Carey clan when she married Caitlin's older brother Will. Since then, they've enjoyed a number of family vacations together and many-a-dance party. Jocelyn, having been a dance major in college, tends to be a little more graceful than Caitlin. In January '10, Jocey and Will welcomed their son Orion to the Carey family. The family lives in Durham, NH.
Mary Garzoli
Mary is Jeremy's sister-in-law. She and Jeremy's brother Dave got married in September '12 (yay!), where Jeremy served as Best Man and wore a felt fish-head during his speech. Caitlin first met Mary when Mary and Dave visited NYC in the winter of '12. The group enjoyed a great dinner in the West Village and Mary and Caitlin quickly found they had a lot in common: a competitive spirit, a soft spot for Garzoli boys and a dislike of New York sports teams. Mary and Dave live in Cumberland, RI.
Lauren Geller
Lauren and Caitlin became friends during their sophomore year at Brown and lived together the following two years. During the summer of their Junior year they went on an amazing trip with Kristin Hansell to visit Amy and her then-boyfriend (now husband), Casey, in Paris. The trip also included stops in Barcelona and multiple cities in Italy. During their Senior year, Lauren and Caitlin's friendship survived a massive cake fight in their apartment. It was all in good fun, an excellent ab workout and maybe Lauren's longest "silent laugh" on record. Caitlin was a bridesmaid in Lauren's May '12 wedding to Henry Parkin. Lauren and Henry live in New York.
Kristin Hansell
Kristin, Caitlin and Amy Albro met on the soccer team at Brown in 1999. Kristin and Caitlin were quickly partners-in-crime and ended up being roommates for NINE YEARS...from the dorms at Brown to New York City. A mutual love of costumes is one of the many things that defines their friendship; from full body frog suits to ugly Christmas sweaters to Kentucky Derby "fascinators". They may be a bit less spry these days, but Kristin and Caitlin continue to play soccer together in NY. After all this and despite 9 years as roommates, Kristin decided against entering into a common-law partnership with Caitlin. She and her husband, Jon Hansell, were married in November '10. They live in New York.
Hayley Sennott
Caitlin and Hayley have known each other since the age of 2 and have shared a lot (well, almost everything!) over the years. They were soccer teammates in elementary school, high school, college and post-college in NY. They had regular juggling contests (the soccer kind, not the circus kind) in each other's backyards. The monotony of counting their many juggles was often, and still is, broken by spirited gazelle runs through the yard. After experiencing high school and college together, Hayley and Caitlin hadn't had enough so they then worked together in NYC for 5 years. Many a "meeting" was held in the office concerning the happenings over the weekend and when, exactly, Hayley was going to purchase her dachshund "Mitch". Hayley is in nursing school and lives in New York.
Rachel Simpkins
Due to her non-existent memory, Caitlin can't remember how long she and Rachel have been friends. Rachel, however, remembers everything (which can be dangerous!). After checking with Rachel, Caitlin learned that they actually met in nursery school at the age of 2. Over the years they shared lockers, vacations, "binder promises", reprimands from each other's parents and countless pizza nights at the Pescatore house. Caitlin served as a bridesmaid in Rachel's July '09 wedding to Adam Simpkins. Rachel and Adam live in Charleston, SC with their 1 year old son, Sam.


Best Man - Dave Garzoli
Dave is Jeremy's brother. Older brother, for the record. And as the older brother, there are not enough "thank-yous" in the world to make him fully understand how grateful Jeremy is for making his life so much easier. Everything Jeremy could have gotten into trouble for, Dave got into trouble for first. The punishment is far less severe the second time around. In fact, sometimes there was no punishment at all. Aside from paving the trail for Jeremy, Dave keeps himself busy fishing, spending time with his beautiful daughter Sophia, and watching the Giants lose. Jeremy just served as the best man at Dave and Mary's wedding in September, and Dave is honored to be returning the favor.
Thomas Bennett
Thomas (or T) is Caitlin's "brother-from-another-mother" and has been a part of the Carey family since 1997. The Careys were Thomas' host family while he was in the ABC Program at the local high school. It did not take long for him to find his place in the family (specifically, as part of the "T and Andrew harass Caitlin" duo). T was one of the first Careys to meet Jeremy in November '11. It was quite an event. Formerly cherished bottles of wine were consumed (from coffee mugs) which resulted in Thomas succumbing to a "cat nap" on the train home (but in the wrong direction) and ending up at the South Station Ferry. Not to be out done, Jeremy and Caitlin were also quite under the weather the next day. But all's well that ends well…Thomas eventually made it home and went on to survive his last year of medical school. He now lives in Norfolk, Virginia, where he is a first year general surgery intern with the US Navy. Ahoy!
Andrew Carey
Andrew is Caitlin's younger brother and a viable contender in the ongoing "who is the favorite Carey child" competition. Since Caitlin had long since left for college, Andrew was essentially an only-child during high school. This afforded him the exclusive attention of his parents and the chance to prepare for family events, where he could repay some of the abuse (or love) he endured as the youngest sibling. The strategy worked. Now, if Andrew warns you he will not tolerate one more kick or pinch, you listen or you suffer. Up to you. Although protective, Andrew was kind in his dealings with Jeremy. He and his girlfriend, Sheri, came along when Caitlin tested whether it was possible to embarrass Jeremy (by dancing, of course) while out on the town in NYC. Jeremy was not embarrassed, so Sheri joined in and together the girls tested the tolerance of their guys. Both proved to be very good sports and the scene has been repeated often, occasionally with Andrew and Jeremy leading the way. Andrew and Sheri, also serving as wedding event scouts, live in Charlestown, MA.
Will Carey
Will is Caitlin's older brother, another front-runner in the "favorite child" competition. Will is particularly grateful for the birth of the second Carey son, Andrew. If not for him Barbara Carey, suffering the torments of two young daughters, would have "loved Will to death." Actual quote! Will has worn many hats over the years: rock climbing instructor, rope and safety rigger for a Broadway show and most recently is the owner of an oyster farm in NH. Sounds interesting, right? So interesting, in fact, that it's almost certain that a junior high school boyfriend of Caitlin's dated her with the express purpose of becoming friends with Will. Caitlin is suspicious that Jeremy is similarly motivated, especially by the oysters, but he assures her that this is not the case. Will, his wife Jocelyn and their son Orion (one of the two ring bearers) live in Durham, NH.
Paul Frank
Paul is Caitlin's brother-in-law, married to her sister Meghan. As previously mentioned, Paul welcomed Caitlin into his home twice in their adult lives. Despite having known each other for many years, they learned a lot about each other during their two "three's company" experiences. Paul learned that Caitlin loves crime shows (Dateline Fridays...he secretly loved it), her meals cooked to the point of petrification, has memorized the words to many Lil' Wayne songs (it doesn't matter if they're wrong) and has the voice of an angel. Caitlin learned that Paul will defend her from irrational (insane, really) building superintendents, will help her move whenever needed, that she should never get in his way while he's sorting the recycling and that it's possible to like Yankees fans for who they are deep down inside. Through the experience of living with his sister-in-law, and despite the benefit of having an extra caretaker on hand at all times, Paul was finally able decide against the multi-wife lifestyle. Jeremy looks forward to Meghan moving in with him and Caitlin post-wedding so that he too can assess his preference for a multi or single-wife home. Paul and his family live in Brooklyn, NY.
Nicholas Nahigian
Jeremy first met Nick during their college years in Rhode Island. Nick was a west-coaster by birth, and after graduating made his way back home. It wasn't long before Jeremy made his way out West to soak in some of that California sunshine. It didn't hurt that Nick found them an amazing little place on the beach. It also didn't hurt that Nick's (a budding restaurateur) love of wine really started to blossom during that time. Jeremy was always happy to step up and offer his tasting notes. After a stint up in San Francisco, Nick found his way back East to work in NYC, and Jeremy and Nick once again found themselves as roommates. By this time Nick's wine knowledge had reached obsessive levels, and Jeremy learned that living with Nick meant living with a 7 foot wine fridge that seemingly never ran out. A fact of life that Jeremy became extremely comfortable with. Nick recently headed back West to San Fran to open his own restaurant, and it won't be long before we can all cozy up to his bar.
Kevin Ramsay
Jeremy first met Kevin back in their high school days. You know, back when driving around in a Pontiac Grand Am was considered cool. They both ended up going to URI, ended up in the same fraternity, and ended up being roommates for 5 years. After graduating, Kevin and Jeremy, along with their buddy Tim, moved into a lovely tenement building in Providence, RI. That began a two year run of missing boa constrictors, chicken carcasses, and shenanigans the likes of which Doyle Ave will never see again. Kevin lives with his family in Swampscott, MA.
Justin Shemeley
Justin is another proud grad from the University of Rhode Island. He was Jeremy's 'big brother' in their fraternity, and has been a close friend ever since their college days. One day Justin called Jeremy and said those four magic words: "Let's move to California." This was music to Jeremy's ears, and a couple of months later they were living the high life in their palace overlooking the Pacific. They eventually made their way back to the East Coast, and get together whenever they can to reminisce about the good old days, enjoy LIT's, and daydream of winning Mega Millions. Justin lives in New Jersey with his wife Andrea, and their two girls, Grace and Isabella.
Tim Tarbell
Tim (Timmy) is another good friend from the college days. During their down time at school, Jeremy and Tim enjoyed taking up activities such as hurricane swimming and relocating newspaper stands. Tim was also the third member of the Doyle Ave Trio, lucky enough to spend a year on one of Providence's least beautiful streets. Having numerous degrees in the realm of plant biology, he is now the go to guy when it comes to anything botanical. He originally hails from Pennsylvania, and currently lives outside of Boston with his wife Kerrie and daughter Molly.